Maxi Menot

Indie Pop and Score Maestra – Crafting Sonic Stories as Composer and Music Producer

Maxi Menot is a Berlin-based graduate composer and music producer with an extensive portfolio encompassing film music, television, recorded music, and theatre productions.

She has established collaborative partnerships with industry majors like Universal, Warner, BMG, with an impressive catalog of 30 albums, including 3 recorded with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the score for the multi-award-winning feature film “We Might As Well Be Dead” which participated in the German pre-selection for the Oscars.

Her music reflects the expertise of a formally educated musician, whether delving into pop productions, neo-classical, or intricate orchestral compositions. Her remarkable skill lies in connecting diverse musical worlds, making pop songs catchy yet unexpectedly surprising, or turning impressionistic orchestral works into cinematic soundscapes.

Her outstanding achievements in the fields were recognized in 2022 when she became the inaugural recipient of the Female Producer Prize.

Additionally, Maxi is a co-founder of the Female Composers Collective TRACK15 and directs her own publishing edition, Edition B+, primarily dedicated to feature female artists and music for films.

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