kota no uta

Kota No Uta

Kota No Uta is a Berlin based artist, producer and singer-songwriter. Her experimental sound is rooted in neo-soul, jazz, and folk music. A story teller, by nature, Kota writes her lyrics through the prism of metaphor and mythology, often inspired by daily observations of surroundings.

In 2023 Kota won a Female* Producer Prize by Sony Music Entertainment Germany and Music Woman, meanwhile releasing collaborative singles with various producers.

Her music subsequently was played on BBC2 by Jamie Cullum, JazzFm UK by Chris Philips, Soho Radio by Karl Boss and BobaFatt, Balamii Radio by Allysha Joy, P8 Jazz radio in Denmark, Prun radio by Angèle and Nélia, France and J- wave Radio at Morning voyage show in Tokyo.

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